Wednesday, December 3, 2008

toilet slogans?

I am just confused about the minds of this generation. Finding a slogan in a toilet?
Me: ya know i have no idea what does your screen name means
Adele (Screen name > if u didn't see a tree~so does ur toilet paper): means no trees no tissue
Me: oh i see, well ehem the way you put it, is that the toilet paper didn't see the tree O_o
Adele: ya meh?
Adele: haha sori
Me: yup
Me: you read yourself and see la
Adele: but it sounds ok for me
Me: lol maybe from your perspective?
Adele: so how should i put it?
Me: well you want to say no tree no tissue right?
Adele: yup
Adele: actually i saw this slogan in the toilet haha
Me: ah
Me: i think they might have meant something else
Me: so if you wanna put it into "your" context
Me: If you didnt see a tree, chances are you dont know what a paper is =p
Adele: then??
Me: If you haven't see a tree before, chances are you don't know what a paper is (><) Adele: nope
Adele: is not like ta
Adele: think another wan
Me: hug a tree, if you love your toilet paper..... Say what???
Adele: herm,,, tatz sounds great
Adele: thx
Adele: sir
Adele: osama
Adele: haha
Me: err do reverse hug a toilet paper if you love trees kind of thing
Me: that earlier one sounded weird

Needless to say, it was a very weird conversation